Want to know your odds for a hole-in-one? Well, here they are

November 08, 2013

Making a hole-in-one is hard. Really hard. How hard? Golf Digest has been tracking data on that subject for more than 60 years, and now, the National Hole In One Association, answers that question with this handy infographic (now would probably be a good time to look away if you haven't had one already).

The data below were collected by the HIO over the course of 30 years through their hole-in-one insurance plans. And before you even ask, hole-in-one insurance exists because groups hosting small golf events usually offer expensive prizes to competitors who make an ace as a way of boosting participation. They'll take out a plan just in case they find themselves in the unlikely situation of having to pony-up a car on short notice.

But anyway, back to business. An amateur golfer's chance of an ace is 12,500 to 1? Yikes.