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Want to be published? Enter Golf World's Front 9 Contest

October 28, 2011

Are you a fan of Golf World's weekly magazine feature, "Front 9"? If so, you have a chance to help write it.

Inspired by The New Yorker's cartoon-caption writing contest, Golf World is now featuring the "Front 9 Punchline Contest" every week. Here's how it works. Every Sunday afternoon, Golf World's editors will post a Front 9 setup line to our magazine's Facebook page. Readers will have approximately 24 hours to enter their best punchlines to that set up.

(An example from a recent Front 9: Rory McIlroy finishes T-3 in Switzerland and pronounces injured right wrist fully healed. He took all the precautions. For instance, he used only his left hand when applauding for Caroline Wozniacki.)

Golf World editors will then select the winning entry, which will appear (along with the writer's name and hometown) in that week's issue of Golf World. In addition to having their entry published in the magazine, winners will receive an official Golf World logo hat.

Our last winner was Brian DiMaio of Jacksonville, Fla., whose winning entry appeared in the Oct. 24 issue of the magazine:

Set-up line: Deranged fan charges green at Frys.com Open, throws hot dog at Tiger Woods.

Winning punchline: "Yet another reason Woods doesn't "relish" interacting with fans."

-- Geoff Russell, Golf World Editor-In-Chief