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August 28, 2007

The Wall Street 150

By Lisa Furlong Illustrations by Hugh Syme

NAME INDEX COMPANY TITLE 1.Trip Kuehne +4.9 Double Eagle Capital Management (Irving, Tex.) President, Senior Managing Partner 2.Sean Knapp +4.5 Fuhrer's Inc. (Pittsburgh) Vice President 3. Brent Dorman +3.2 Morgan Stanley (Ocala, Fla.) Investment Consultant T-4. Kevin Hammer +3.0 Merrill Lynch (Delray Beach, Fla.) Investment Advisor T-4. Roger Hoit +3.0 Morgan Stanley (New York) Managing Director 6. Carlton Forrester +2.9 Harbert Management (Birmingham, Ala.) Managing Director 7. Alan Fadel +2.8 Merrill Lynch (Sylvania, Ohio) Financial Advisor 8. Frank Ford III +2.0 Smith Barney (Charleston, S.C.) Senior Vice President-Wealth Management 9. Gary Vanier +1.9 First Allied (Pleasant Hill, Calif.) Financial Advisor 10. Kevin Cahill +1.7 A.G. Edwards (Waukesha, Wis.) Financial Consultant, Vice President Of Investments 11. William L. Hadden III +1.6 RBC Dain Rauscher (Manchester, Vt.) Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor 12. Randy Haag +1.2 Aspenwood Capital (Burlingame, Calif.) Managing Director 13. John B. Kiernan +1.1 Cowen And Co. (New York) Managing Director 14. Kemp Richardson +1.0 JKR & Co. (Laguna Beach, Calif.) President 15. Martin R. West III +0.9 UBS Financial Services (Bethesda, Md.) Vice President T-16. Tristan Lewis +0.7 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (Cleveland) Investment Advisor T-16. D. Scott Mackesy +0.7 Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (New York) General Partner 18. George J. Zahringer III +0.6 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (New York) Senior Managing Director 19. David Boesel +0.5 Morgan Stanley (Winter Park, Fla.) Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor 20. Richard A. Petit +0.4 Morgan Stanley (Menlo Park, Calif.) Executive Director T-21. Frank Abbott +0.1 Abbott Group International (Napa, Calif.) Managing Director T-21. John Pate +0.1 Merrill Lynch (Montecito, Calif.) Vice President, Financial Advisor T-21. Noel Volpe +0.1 Deutsche Bank Securities (New York) Financial Sponsors Group 24. Jonathan F. Spitalny 0 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (New York) Senior Managing Director 25. Tracy Welch 0.1 Credit Suisse (Boston) Vice President, Institutional Equity Sales 26. Frank Edwards 0.2 Aqueduct Capital Group (Charlotte) Co-Founder, Managing Partner 27. Andrew Kaskel 0.4 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (New York) Managing Director 28. Hans Albertsson 1.0 Lehman Brothers (New York) Private Investment Manager 29. Stephen Worth 1.1 Evercore Partners (New York) Managing Director 30. Craig R. Johnson 1.3 JMP Group (San Francisco) President 31. Tom Collins 1.4 Lehman Brothers (Boston) Vice President T-32. Walter J. Driver Jr. 2.1 Goldman Sachs & Co. (Atlanta) Chairman-Southeast T-32. Stuart Francis 2.1 Lehman Brothers (Menlo Park, Calif.) Vice Chairman T-32. Christopher (Chip) Lippman 2.1 The Carlyle Group (Washington, D.C.) Managing Director 35. J. Anthony Forstmann 2.2 Forstmann Little & Co. (New York) Limited Partner, Managing Director 36. Charles E. Noreen Jr. 2.3 Com Ventures (Palo Alto, Calif.) CFO 37. Dick Siderowf 2.4 RBC Dain Rauscher (Southport, Conn.) Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor 38. Chris Greendale 2.5 Kodiak Venture Partners (Waltham, Mass.) General Partner 39. Jimmy Dunne III 2.9 Sandler O'Neill + Partners (New York) Senior Managing Principal 40. Eric Gleacher 3.3 Gleacher & Partners (New York) Principal 41. Brian C. Pfeifler 3.4 Morgan Stanley (New York) Managing Director 42. Jeffrey A. Golman 3.5 Mesirow Financial (Chicago) Vice Chairman, Head Of Investment Banking 43. George Roberts 3.8 KKR (Menlo Park, Calif.) Founding Partner 44. William Payne 3.9 Gleacher & Partners (New York) Vice Chairman 45. Theodore J. (Ted) Forstmann 4.2 Forstmann Little & Co. (New York) Chairman 46. Wayne Robinson 4.4 Wachovia Capital Markets LLC (Charlotte) Managing Director, Head Of Capital Finance 47. Herbert (Bart) McDade III 4.5 Lehman Brothers (New York) Global Head Of Equities 48. Bradley D. Akason 4.6 Lincoln International LLC (Chicago) Managing Director T-49. Tom Crotty 4.7 Battery Ventures (Waltham, Mass.) General Partner T-49. Steve Greenberg 4.7 Allen & Co. LLC (New York) General Partner


NAME INDEX COMPANY TITLE 51. Kenneth Whitney 5.1 The Blackstone Group (New York) Senior Managing Partner 52. Ted Virtue 5.2 MidOcean Partners (New York) CEO 53. John W. Meriwether 5.5 JWM Partners (Greenwich, Conn.) Founder, CEO 54. Louis Volpe 5.6 Kodiak Venture Partners (Waltham, Mass.) Managing General Partner T-55. Eric F. Billings 5.7 FBR Capital Markets Corp. (Arlington, Va.) Chairman, CEO T-55. David Blatte 5.7 Centre Partners (New York) Managing Director T-55. Joseph Gleberman 5.7 GS Capital Partners LP (New York) Managing Director T-55. Avy H. Stein 5.7 Willis Stein & Partners (Chicago) Managing Partner 59. John Walecka 5.8 Redpoint Ventures (Menlo Park, Calif.) Founding Partner 60. Paul B. Queally 5.9 Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe (New York) General Partner T-61. Henry Kravis 6.0 KKR (New York) Founding Partner, Chairman T-61. Seth Waugh 6.0 Deutsche Bank Americas (New York) CEO T-63. Gerald F. (Jerry) Schmidt 6.2 Cordova Ventures (Alpharetta, Ga.) Co-Founder, Managing Partner T-63. Frank V. Sica 6.2 Tailwind Capital (New York) Managing Partner 65. James A. Stern 6.3 Cypress Group (New York) Chairman, CEO 66. Earl E. Webb 6.4 Jones Lang LaSalle Inc. (Chicago) CEO, Capital Markets 67. Stephen G. Woodsum 6.5 Summit Partners (Boston) Founding Managing Partner 68. Jonathan D. Doyle 6.6 Sandler O'Neill + Partners (New York) Managing Principal T-69. David M. Barse 6.8 Third Avenue Management LLC (New York) CEO T-69. Greg Mondre 6.8 Silver Lake Partners (New York) Managing Director T-71. Herbert A. (Herb) Allen 7.0 Allen & Co. Inc (New York) President, CEO, Director T-71. Jeffrey P. Julian 7.0 Raymond James Financial Inc. (St. Petersburg, Fla.) Senior Vice President Of Finance, CFO T-71. Warren Stephens 7.0 Stephens Inc. (Little Rock) Chairman, President, CEO T-71. Geoff Yang 7.0 Redpoint Ventures (Menlo Park, Calif.) Founding Partner T-75. Rick Schnall 7.1 Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (New York) Partner T-75. Paul H. Stephens 7.1 Stephens Investment Management (San Francisco) Partner, Chairman 77. Gerald (Gerry) Lodge 7.2 Credit Suisse (New York) Vice Chairman 78. James W. Breyer 7.3 Accel Partners (Menlo Park, Calif.) Managing Partner T-79. Stanley F. Druckenmiller 7.4 Duquesne Capital Management LLC (New York) Chairman, CEO T-79. Dan Quayle 7.4 Cerberus Global Investments LLC (New York) Chairman T-79. Charles Schwab 7.4 The Charles Schwab Corp. (San Francisco) Chairman, CEO T-82. Jonathan Lavine 7.5 Sankaty Advisors (Boston) Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer T-82. Jeffrey H. Tepper 7.5 Gleacher Partners (New York) Managing Director, COO T-84. John. M. Angelo 7.6 Angelo, Gordon & Co. (New York) Co-Founder, CEO T-84. James. C. Leslie 7.6 Ascendant Solutions (Dallas) Chairman T-84. Fred D. Price 7.6 Sandler O'Neill + Partners (New York) Managing Principal T-87. Daniel F. Akerson 7.7 The Carlyle Group (Washington) Managing Director T-87. Charles J. Daley Jr. 7.7 Legg Mason (Baltimore) Senior Vice President, Treasurer, CFO T-87. Doug Hitchner 7.7 Odyssey Investment Partners (New York) Managing Principal T-87. Doug Hitchner 7.7 Odyssey Investment Partners (New York) Managing Principal T-90. Joseph Lacob 7.9 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Menlo Park, Calif.) Partner T-90. Craig M. Overlander 7.9 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (New York) Senior Managing Director T-90. Gerald L. Parsky 7.9 Aurora Capital Group (Los Angeles) Chairman, Founding Partner T-90. Robin Selati 7.9 Madison Dearborn Partners (Chicago) Managing Director T-94. Jeffrey F. Buckalew 8.1 Greenhill & Co. LLC (New York) Managing Director T-94. Richard (Rick) Frisbie 8.1 Battery Ventures (Boston) Founder, General Partner T-94. Thomas J. Gahan 8.1 Deutsche Bank Securities (New York) CEO T-94. Bradley J. Hoecker 8.1 Stonington Partners (New York) Partner 98. Phil Carter 8.2 Brookside Fund (Boston) Managing Director 99. Jeffrey P. Hughes 8.3 Cypress Group (New York) Vice Chairman T-100. Samuel L. Navarro 8.5 Cowen And Co. (New York) Managing Director T-100. Doug Rotatori 8.5 Odyssey Investment Partners (New York) Managing Principal


NAME INDEX COMPANY TITLE 102. Paul S. Lattanzio 8.7 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (New York) Managing Director T-103. Stephen Green 8.9 Canaan Partners (Westport, Conn.) General Partner T-103. Victor E. Parker 8.9 Spectrum Equity (Menlo Park, Calif.) Managing Director 105. James D. Robinson III 9.0 RRE Ventures (New York) Co-Founder, General Partner 106. J. Michael Chu 9.3 Catterton Partners (Greenwich, Conn.) Co-Founder, Managing Partner T-107. Mike Finley 9.5 Cypress Group (New York) Managing Director T-107. David F. Marquardt 9.5 August Capital (Menlo Park, Calif.) Co-Founder, Partner T-109. Jim Davidson 9.6 Silver Lake Partners (Menlo Park, Calif.) Co-Founder, Managing Director T-109. George H. Walker 9.6 Lehman Brothers (New York) Global Head, Investment Management Division T-111. James M. Allwin 9.8 Aetos Capital (New York) Founder, President T-111. Robert J. McCann 9.8 Merrill Lynch (New York) Vice Chairman, President, Global Private Client Group T-111. John Taft 9.8 RBC Dain Rauscher (Minneapolis) President, CEO 114. Francis S. (Bo) Godbold 9.9 Raymond James Financial Inc. (St. Petersburg, Fla.) Vice Chairman T-115. Adam R. Mandel 10.0 Sandler O'Neill + Partners (New York) Managing Director T-115. John. W. Snow 10.0 Cerberus Capital Management (New York) Chairman T-117. Thomas M. Flexner 10.2 Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc. (New York) Vice Chairman T-117. Timothy M. George 10.2 Greenhill & Co. (New York) Managing Director T-117. Stephen M. Lessing Sr. 10.2 Lehman Brothers (New York) Head Of Client Relationship Management T-117. E. Stanley O'Neal 10.2 Merrill Lynch (New York) Chairman, CEO 121. Richard S. Fuld Jr. 10.3 Lehman Brothers (New York) Chairman, CEO 122. John F. Turben 10.5 Kirtland Capital Partners (Cleveland) Chairman 123. Jonathan M. Nelson 10.7 Providence Equity Partners Inc. (Providence, R.I.) CEO 124. Anthony J. Dinovi 10.8 Thomas H. Lee Partners (Boston) Co-President T-125. Richard C. Perry 10.9 Perry Capital (New York) Founder T-125. James C. Zelter 10.9 Apollo Investment Corp. (New York) President, COO 127. Ben Carpenter 11.1 Greenwich Capital Markets Inc. (Greenwich, Conn.) Vice Chairman 128. Neil Garfinkel 11.4 Francisco Partners (Menlo Park, Calif.) Co-Founder, Partner 128. Neil Garfinkel 11.4 Francisco Partners (Menlo Park, Calif.) Co-Founder, Partner 129. Brook H. Byers 11.5 Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (Menlo Park, Calif.) Partner 130. Henry F. McCance 11.6 Greylock Partners (Waltham, Mass.) Chairman 131. Mark Kingdon 11.8 Kingdon Capital Management (New York) Founder 132. Robert H. Steers 12.0 Cohen & Steers Inc. (New York) Co-Chairman, Co-CEO 133. Michael Minikes 12.3 The Bear Stearns Companies (New York) Treasurer T-134. Joseph M. Jacobs 12.8 Wexford Capital Llc (Greenwich, Conn.) President T-134. Brian C. Rogers 12.8 T. Rowe Price Group Inc. (Baltimore) Chairman T-136. John R. Muse 13.0 HM Capital Partners (Dallas) Chairman, Co-Founder T-136. Jack Welch 13.0 Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (New York) Special Partner 138. James E. Cayne 14.5 The Bear Stearns Companies (New York) Chairman, CEO 139. T. Boone Pickens 15.0 BP Capital Management (Dallas) Founder, Principal 140. Robert H. Niehaus 16.0 Greenhill Capital Partners (New York) Chairman 141. Edward S. Lampert 16.2 ESL Investments (Greenwich, Conn.) Founder 142. Louis V. Gerstner Jr. 16.6 The Carlyle Group (New York) Chairman 143. John J. Mack 17.0 Morgan Stanley (New York) CEO 144. John G. Duffy 17.4 Keefe, Bruyette & Woods Inc. (New York) Chairman, CEO 145. Donald Marron 20.5 Lightyear Capital LLC (New York) Chairman, CEO, Founder 146. Carla Harris 21.7 Morgan Stanley (New York) Managing Director, Global Capital Markets 147. Christopher J. Williams 22.6 Williams Capital Group (New York) Chairman, CEO 148. John V. Murphy 23.6 Oppenheimer Funds (New York) Chairman, CEO 149. Gwyneth M. Ketterer 24.7 Bear Stearns Merchant Banking (New York) Managing Director, COO 150. Lloyd C. Blankfein 32.1 Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (New York) Chairman, CEO