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Wait, someone paid WHAT for President Bush's golf equipment?

November 11, 2016
George HW Bush.jpg


Two weeks ago, we let you know that a collection of golf equipment belonging to President George H.W. Bush -- including a golf bag, putter, shoes and golf balls -- was up for auction. The equipment was originally given by Bush to a worker at Cape Arundel Golf Club, a course in Kennebunkport, Maine where Bush was a member. Considering the lot featured just one actual club -- compared to, say, John F. Kennedy's complete set -- we didn't think this auction would garner much attention.

How wrong we were. Offered by Boston-based RR Auction, the Bush equipment display fetched $30,000 this week.

Granted, it's not often a President's personal equipment goes on the market. Still, $30,000? We only hope they're in better condition that JFK's bats: