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Wait. Did Rory actually give this giant diamond to Erica Stoll?

December 11, 2015

Remember last week, when McIlroy Instagrammed out a photo of the Eiffel Tower, and then everyone lost their minds and started saying he had proposed to girlfriend Erica Stoll?

At that point, despite mass speculation, I just wasn’t buying it. I, too, have been to the Eiffel Tower and I did not get engaged while there. Tower to ring seemed like a bit of a stretch.

But then I saw this photo popping up on Twitter.

Check it out zoomed in.

The couple was at a charity event in Belfast, Ireland. And yeah, they looked super cute and all that – but look at that rock! Giant diamond on the left ring finger, that looks like an engagement ring to me.

McIlroy hasn’t said anything officially confirming or denying the reports.

But the reports from last week, coupled with this photo… you can do your own mental math, but I’m thinking Rory’s officially off the market. Again.