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VozTee: Get your club moving on the right path

March 12, 2012

Simplicity for the user is always welcome in training aids, and a San Diego-based inventor, Voz Kumar, has developed one that could not be easier to use.


Kumar calls it the VozTee, designed to provide instant feedback on the path your club is traveling at impact. It features a Vector Analysis Movement Pivot, basically a tee on a swivel that ends up pointing in the direction your clubhead was traveling.

"I'm a golfer, but also an engineer," Kumar said. "A lot of it was me struggling with what's actually happening at the point of impact. For a lot of high and medium handicappers, everything is happening so fast it's hard to gauge what's happening in that instant."

Its simplicity of use notwithstanding, there is technology built into the device (hence it's price, $40). For instance, the top part of the VozTee snaps into place after impact, thus providing immediate and precise feedback on the clubhead path, whether it's moving from outside in or inside out and to what degree.

"I've got it to a point where I've had pros test it, and they've told me it's pretty accurate," he said. Among them was Michael Major, a professional at Torrey Pines Golf Course.

"It lets the golfer know what his clubhead path is doing," Major said. "You hit that thing and it's on that swivel, and the student's going to get feedback."

It's a clever little device that can help those who are hitting crooked shots figure out why.

-- John Strege