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Volvik gets in on low-compression, "tour" ball trend with Vibe

February 28, 2016

With the success of lower-compression, multilayer, urethane-covered balls like Bridgestone's B330-RX/RXS and Callaway’s Chrome Soft, it’s clear that the audience for tour-level performance at a less firm feel preference is growing.

Indeed, research from Golf Datatech shows that the market share for higher-priced, urethane-covered golf balls (Over $35) jumped by more than a third from 2014 to 2015, comprising 41 percent of all balls sold at on- and off-course shops. The average selling price for a dozen golf balls is now $30.87. That's five dollars more than it was five years ago.

Now, Volvik, which has garnered some attention for its colored golf balls and its use by several players on the LPGA Tour, is moving into the low-compression tour ball category with Vibe, the company’s softest multilayer ball with a urethane cover.

The three-piece design, whose compression is 20 points or more below that of some “tour”-level balls, is aimed at helping moderate and slower speed players (75-95 miles per hour clubhead speed) gain more distance through its lower spin, while providing a softer feel for all players. According to Volvik, its research said players did not want the ball to feel too soft, so it set the compression at 65.

The Vibe will be offered in both white and yellow ($36 a dozen).