Villegas still not playing golf in Hawaii

January 12, 2011

HONOLULU -- Camilo Villegas was rolling putts on the carpet in the lockerroom at Waialae CC Wednesday morning, aiming at one of the legs of a bench and consistently finding the target. His spirits were good despite the pounding rain outside that canceled the pro-am for the Sony Open in Hawaii and further cut into his preparation for his "first" tournament of the year.

"I'm definitely ready to go out and play some golf," he said with a smile, "and at this rate who knows when that will happen."

Villegas was in Maui last week for the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, but played only one round before being disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard. He stayed at Kapalua Resort another two days before making his way here for the Sony Open, but heavy rains all morning shut down all golf at Waialae CC. The forecast for the next few days isn't much better.

Villegas admitted that he was frustrated not playing the weekend at Kapalua's Plantation Course. He spent his time at the beach and chomping at the bit. "I was laying in the sun, it's a beautiful day at the beach, and all I could think was, 'this sucks.' I wanted to play. I was ready. So, yeah, I don't like to see this weather. But what can you do?"

He kept hitting putts on the carpet in the lockerroom. It was the only golf available.

-- Dave Shedloski