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Viewers have filed a ton of complaints about Tiger's on-course language

You know when you're watching a golf broadcast on TV, and someone hits one a little off target, and the mic stays with the player a bit too long and you hear a few salty words?

Well, most of us hear that and move on. Others have children in the room or a general hatred of swear words, and they file FCC (Federal Communications Commission) complaints.

According to, golf broadcasts have received 22 complaints since 2011. Of those, 15 were about Tiger Woods.

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He's obviously on camera more than anyone else, so if he's saying something there's a higher chance of him getting caught. But still, 68% of all complaints is really high. He's not on TV 77% more than the rest of the golfers in the world combined, so clearly he could work on cleaning up his language.

He shouldn't feel too badly, though. While he received 15 complaints in four and a half seasons, Tom Brady got three complaints in one day after dropping a few blatant F-bombs during the Packers-Patriots game last fall. Oops.

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