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Video: Will Ferrell plays golf on a simulator as Ron Burgundy

December 06, 2013

On Thursday, Will Ferrell, excuse us, Ron Burgundy, visited the Dan Patrick Show to promote his upcoming movie, Anchorman 2.

Among the highlights, Burgundy re-enacted historic sports calls and participated in an interview with newly-hired USC football coach, Steve Sarkisian.

But the real gem -- at least, to us -- was the newscaster showing off his golf swing on a simulator. Check it out:

Mr. Burgundy seemed pleased with the results, even though the one shot that's shown dribbles over a cliff and into the water on Pebble Beach's famed seventh hole. No word on whether or not he pronounces "golf" as "yolf." Based on how he says "jogging," there's a good chance Burgundy believes the "g" is soft.

Regardless, we were unaware that Burgundy played golf. But now, we can only hope it will be part of the long-awaited sequel.