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Video: The story of Manuel De Los Santos

December 17, 2010

In October, we shared video of Manuel De Los Santos, the former baseball player from the Dominican Republic who lost his leg in an an auto accident. After that accident, De Los Santos says he was introduced to golf by way of the film, "The Legend of Bagger Vance" (some might say this is the best thing to come out of a movie that was a critical and commercial flop); and has since worked his way into a 3-handicap. In October, he competed for the second time in the the pro-am portion of Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.

While the simple footage of De Los Santos' powerful swing is in itself remarkable, the filmmaker Peter Montgomery explores his story even further in the short film below. The resulting effort is not only a testimony to the human spirit, but also the therapeutic powers of golf.

As De Los Santo says, "When I feel bad, I go to the golf course, I find my second leg. I forget my problems."

--* Sam Weinman *