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Video: The Golf Boys release sequel

March 04, 2013

Perhaps you've been eagerly awaiting the Golf Boys' sequel to their "Oh, Oh, Oh," music video that debuted in 2011. More likely, you probably blocked the whole episode out of your mind.

Either way, golf's boy band of Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan is back with a second effort -- and it's actually pretty good. On Monday, the Golf Boys released the cleverly-titled "2.Oh". Enjoy:

Like their first effort, the video features outlandish costumes and lyrics, though this time, there's a concerted effort to word play with as many tour pros' names as possible. "I like olives in my Rory Sabbatini," Crane says while swirling a huge martini glass filled with olives, for example.

OK, so the group probably isn't going to win a Grammy anytime soon with lines like that, but the guys will be fine. They all have pretty good day jobs.