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Video: The European Tour's latest trick shot

December 17, 2010

The European Tour is at it again. First came the incredible gong shot and now a different cast of characters has taken on a new challenge: shooting down clay pigeons by hitting golf balls in the Dubai desert. Here is the impressive footage:

Simon Khan eventually pulls off the amazing trick shot. However, as Golf Digest Executive Editor Mike O'Malley reminds us, he wasn't the first. Here is an excerpt from a Dana Quigley interview in the November 2006 issue of the magazine:

"If you play golf your whole life, you'll see some strange things. Years ago a bunch of us were asked to make a TV commercial promoting the tour. The premise was, a machine would fire clay pigeons across the sky, and a group of us -- Gil Morgan, Hale Irwin, Chi Chi Rodriguez and I -- would take turns hitting balls and try to knock the clay pigeons out of the air. I told the film crew they had to be kidding. Hitting a clay pigeon with a golf ball was close to impossible, and we might be there all day, maybe all month, trying to hit one. Well, Gil Morgan yells, "Pull!" and knocks one out of the sky. It was a total freak occurrence, and we were almost on the ground, laughing that he did that. Then Irwin hit one, then Chi Chi. Then I hit one. To this day, I think it was a miracle."

Sure sounds like one. Too bad that footage hasn't been uploaded to YouTube. At least, not yet.

-- Alex Myers