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Video: The comedic stylings of Bubba Watson

October 26, 2010

This has been an eventful year for Bubba Watson, involving everything from his first PGA Tour win, to a playoff loss in the PGA Championship, to an appearance in his first Ryder Cup. On a far more somber note, he lost his father Gerry earlier this month after a length battle with throat cancer.

But even amidst personal sorrow, it's apparent Watson's sense of humor has remained intact. Take, for instance, the series of videos Watson recently posted on Twitter, all featuring what appears to be an old persimmon Ping driver, and the oddly infectious catchphrase, "You're welcome."

For instance, there is Watson using the driver -- or what he calls, "The Ol' Wooden Stick" -- to hit a flop shot.

Then he uses it to slice open a banana.

And blast out of a bunker.

He even uses it to destroy a can of soda.

Remember, all this comes on the heels of the equally goofy video performance by Ben Crane, who admitted to Golf Digest's Matt Ginella that he wanted to distance himself from his dry-as-cardboard image. Already recognized as one of the PGA Tour's freer spirits, Watson didn't need to go to these extremes to reveal a glimpse of his personality.

But we should still be grateful he did. And for that, Watson would surely say, "You're welcome."

-- Sam Weinman