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Follow-Along Golf: Lessons and Workouts

January 18, 2018

It’s no secret that most golfers don’t take lessons. Instead, they pick up bits and pieces of advice, and before they give anything a decent try, they move on to something else. As a result, a lot of very good instruction never gets a fair shake. To fix this, golfers need a way to access meaningful instruction on their own terms: how they want it, when they want it. When’s the last time someone said to an instructor, “Hey, I only have 15 minutes today—and it’s at 10 PM. Plus, I need you to come to the house.”

One idea we’ve kicked around for a long time at Golf Digest is creating a program that would address these barriers to getting quality instruction. Think of instructor-led fitness programs or exercise-bike routines: You cue them up when you have some spare time and get a workout. That was the thinking behind “Follow-Along Golf,” our new at-home game-improvement program—two full video series, one called “At-Home Lessons” and the other “Total-Body Workouts.” Imagine easy-to-use videos that are at your disposal, whenever and wherever you want: this winter, in the basement, even at 10 PM.

Better yet, the classes are time-based. There’s a program for that day when you have only 15 minutes, and there’s a deeper dive when you have more like an hour. Of course, the more you put in, the more you get out, but you can keep yourself sharp in small doses. In others words, “Follow-Along Golf” is, by design, very doable. All you have to do is follow the instructor on screen, and you can get your golf fix without leaving the house.

You also get two young stars in the golf field: Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Travis Fulton and trainer Kaitlyn Pimentel, who Golf Digest just recognized as one of the top golf-fitness pros in America. Travis gives the swing instruction; Kaitlyn does the workouts. They know their stuff, and they package it for golfers who aren’t trying to win the U.S. Open. They know you’re busy, so just cue them up and follow along.

If you go for the full “Follow-Along Golf” program—fitness and golf lessons—you get almost two and a half hours of video instruction for $14.99. Try finding a lesson with a pro for less than $100, and even beating balls on the range adds up fast. With “Follow-Along Golf,” you can set your own schedule, take the classes as many times as you like, and do it all in the comforts of home. They’re yours to use all year long!