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Valhalla Golf Club


Fault Fixer: Combo Set

March 07, 2018

Consistency is the mark of a good golfer. But all players have consistent patterns, especially when it comes to the mistakes they make. Every bad shot can be traced back to a flaw in technique, and the good news is, the fix is usually pretty simple. That is, once you know the root cause of the problem and understand the adjustment needed to correct it.

This 10-video series, “Fault Fixer: Combo Set,” incorporates two stand-alone programs into one complete set and covers dozens of faults that plague average golfers. Shots like the slice off the tee, fat and thin contact from the fairway, and a lack of feel and control around the greens. Two Golf Digest-ranked teachers, Josh Zander and Kevin Smeltz, lead the discussions on how to address these issues and build your consistency from tee to green. The teachers also offer simple practice drills and on-course playing strategies for error-proofing your game.

With the full video program “Fault Fixer: Combo Set,” you can learn to hit your best shots more often and avoid the mistakes that ruin your scores. Get started right here!