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Video of Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel purposely twisting another player's ankle emerges and it does NOT look good

September 19, 2019

Last Saturday, the Florida Gators staged an epic comeback against the Kentucky Wildcats, winning 29-21 despite being down 21-10 with just three minutes remaining in the third quarter. After a gruesome injury to redshirt junior quarterback Feleipe Franks, fellow redshirt junior Kyle Trask entered the game and helped the offense score 19 unanswered points, avoiding a second straight loss to Kentucky in the process (Florida hasn't dropped two straight to UK since the 1976 and 1977 seasons).

But instead of talking about Trask's incredible relief performance, the headlines are all revolving around Kentucky star linebacker Kash Daniel, who has become an internet sensation over the last two years because of his Brian Bosworth-like persona. Unfortunately for Daniel, the internet was talking about him for all the wrong reasons on Thursday morning.

On Monday, a video clip of Daniel allegedly twisting Trask's ankle after a failed two-point conversion attempt made the rounds on Twitter, but it was difficult to tell just how dirty the play was from the ESPN Skycam angle:

The clip received over 400,000 views, an indicator that there was definitely something going on with Daniel on top of the pile. I don't think 400,000 people were that interested in a failed two-point play, but I could be wrong.

Two days later, Daniel responded to the allegations, telling a reporter from the Louisville Courier Journal "I pull my hand out there last second. I just pulled it out. I got it stuck underneath a lineman’s leg with all that weight on it. Then I pulled it free from that, kept hitting stuff, kept moving stuff and finally it came through. Maybe he felt something weird, but I’m not out there to twist nobody’s ankle or hurt nobody. End of story."

Fair enough. There is always two sides to every story, right? Well, what Daniel failed to realize during that absurd explanation is that the internet will stop at nothing to dig up dirt, and another clip of the same failed two-point conversion was released on Thursday morning. This clip is from the sideline angle and folks, lemme tell ya, it does NOT look good for your boy Kash:

By "pulling his hand out there" and getting it "stuck underneath a lineman's leg," Daniel actually meant grabbing Trask's foot with both of his hands and purposely trying to twist his ankle. Just a terrible look for Daniel, who also said to the Courier Journal's Jon Hale "Am I out there to deliberately hurt somebody? Absolutely not." Looks like that is exactly what he was out there trying to do. Get a load of this guy:

Sure thing, bud. Understandably, Daniel is now the Florida faithful's arch enemy, so he might want to stay off the internet for awhile. If there are football gods, Daniel, a junior, will stay at Kentucky for his senior year, when the Wildcats travel to Gainesville to play the Gators. Appointment television like you read about.