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Video: Mini-golf highlights are awesome

By Alex Myers

If you want to hole more shots, the solution is simple: Play more mini-golf.

Playing the sport on a smaller scale exponentially increases your odds of creating a highlight and the best part? You don't have to scale down your celebration. Here are some of the best shots -- and reactions -- we came across.

The makeshift sand wedge hole out:

The Tiger-like chase the ball into the cup hole-in-one:

The unintended hole-in-one that's followed by an actual hole-in-one:


The hole-in-one with the most over-the-top celebration (and video title) of all time:


The car dealership hole-in-one to win a new car:


Then there's this, one of many collection videos of mini-golf trick shots:


And finally, there's this video of two "professionals" battling it out in which neither puts forth much of a celebration after making an ace:


They must subscribe to the "Act like you've been there before" philosophy. Boring. . .

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(h/t @KylePorterCBS)

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