News & ToursNovember 16, 2012

Video: Long Drive champ destroys simulator

By Alex Myers

A friendly competition between long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski and Golf Channel's Gary Williams on the network's "Morning Drive" program got a little expensive today. And its not because the two made a wager.

Sadlowski went first, teeing up a ball in front of the studio's simulator. Let's just say the simulator lost:

Sadlowski's power caused the ball to punch a hole in the massive screen and made Williams laugh in disbelief. We assume whoever has to pay to replace it, however, had a slightly different reaction.

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Golf Digest has worked extensively with Sadlowski the past few years. Hopefully, his tips -- like the one below -- have helped readers add some pop to their own drives. Just keep in mind, it's probably best to keep practicing outside. . .


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