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Video: Kornheiser inspires Garrigus to win

November 16, 2010

It's not unheard of for a member of the media to provide a golfer a jolt of motivation, the most famous example coming when the Atlanta Journal-Constitution golf writer Tom McCollister dismissed Jack Nicklaus' chances prior to the 1986 Masters. Only after Nicklaus grabbed his sixth Masters title at age 46 did the Golden Bear reveal that he had taped McCollister's column to his refrigerator door.

On a smaller scale, we now have Robert Garrigus, who said his win in the Children's Miracle Network Classic was inspired by ESPN's Tony Kornheiser.

Some backstory is required: It was months earlier when Kornheiser, on his show "Pardon The Interruption," detailed Garrigus' collapse in the St. Jude Classic, when the golfer fell apart on the 72nd hole, then lost to Lee Westwood in a playoff. What's interesting is that the outspoken sportswriter-turned-TV-star didn't so much criticize Garrigus then as much as he lamented the golfer's misfortune. Yes, he said Garrigus "may never win" on the PGA Tour," but it was more him saying opportunities to win are fleeting, not that Garrigus was doomed for failure.

Nonetheless, Garrigus heard what he needed to hear, and when he claimed the final event of the PGA Tour season on Sunday, he said in his Golf Channel interview that the win was dedicated to Kornheiser. Which was nice, except Kornheiser on Monday's show (shown below), admitted he had completely forgotten who Garrigus was. Something tells us McCollister didn't have the same problem with Nicklaus.

-- *Sam Weinman *