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Kevin Kisner said he drank after his two recent playoff losses and other things you should know about this rising star

May 15, 2015

Golf fans didn't know too much about Kevin Kisner a month ago, but they probably should start learning. The University of Georgia product has lost in a playoff in two of his last three PGA Tour starts, including at the Players.

Kisner, aka "the Kiz," also happens to be a straight-shooter off the course. He handled both heartbreaking defeats (his winning opponents birdies four out of six extra holes against him) well in interviews and now we know how he coped with the tough losses . He drank.

Kisner appeared in a PGA Tour video with Amanda Balionis called "Buy a mulligan." The premise is Balionis asks a golfer five questions and he can take a mulligan on any and not answer. But the Kiz didn't even think about taking a mulligan. Here's the video:

The one-word "Drank" answer was the highlight, but he had some other good moments, including when he talked about trading places with Tiger Woods for a day. "Because I'd spend all his money," Kisner said when asked why. "[I could] buy anything with his silly money."

At the end of the segment, Kisner told Balionis, "You've got to come up with better questions. You need to get harder. Way harder." Sounds good to us.