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Jordan Spieth's second attempt at throwing a first pitch wasn't nearly as good

September 02, 2015

Jordan Spieth was a clear winner in his first-pitch battle against Zach Johnson a couple of weeks ago. The 22-year-old lefty delivered a nicely paced -- and placed -- strike before a game involving his hometown Texas Rangers.

But on Tuesday night, Spieth gave throwing out a first pitch a try at Fenway Park. Wearing a Red Sox jersey (It's OK because he was rooting for Boston to beat the New York Yankees, who are battling with the Rangers in the A.L. wildcard standings), Spieth tossed the ball way high and juuuuust a bit outside as Bob Uecker would say. Check it out:

It certainly wasn't the worst first pitch thrown out by a celebrity (Thank you, 50 Cent), but it looks like Jordan tried to throw a little too hard and kept that left shoulder too open on his second effort. It's OK, Jordan. Something tells us you'll get a few more cracks at this.