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Dance-offs. Trick shots. Breaking and entering. It's all just a typical day in the life of the Parnevik family

June 16, 2015

Jesper Parnevik said to "expect a lot of weird things happening" on his family-based reality TV show before it debuted in March. And if you follow the five-time PGA Tour winner on Twitter, you got a good taste of that in the past 24 hours.

It started with the Parnevik taking a trip to Sweden, which apparently leads to a "customary dance off":

Being back to Sweden means the customary dance off.... > #parneviks > — Jesper Parnevik (@JesperParnevik) > June 15, 2015

Then Jesper displayed his basketball trick shot skills with this nice effort:

Showing the kids how it's done... > #parneviks > — Jesper Parnevik (@JesperParnevik) > June 16, 2015

But as splendid as that was, apparently, Jesper made a bogey when he forgot to leave a key for his wife and daughter Penny ("Oooppppps...I guess I forgot," Parnevik tweeted) to get back into the house where the family is staying. That led to this video his wife filmed of Penny impressively scaling the outside balcony to get inside.

"Parneviks" has been airing on TV3 in Sweden. And if there's this much going on every day, we hope the show gets picked up by American TV.