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PGA National (Champion Course)


Hit the Driver Stinger for Control

Sometimes maximum distance isn't the ultimate goal when you're swinging driver. A controlled, penetrating shot that flies straight and rolls out is a great option.

Here's how you do it. You're going to make four adjustments to your normal setup and swing to promote a lower, more consistent shot. First, tee the ball lower, so that none of it is visible over the top of the driver head when you sole the club. This is going to promote more of a downward strike than standard driver impact.

Next, choke up on the handle about an inch, which will give you more control over the clubhead. Cheat your weight slightly toward your front foot, and concentrate on making an arm swing at 70 to 80 percent of normal. The top of your backswing will be short of parallel, and your finish will be lower and more around your body.

The lower flighted, less spinning shot this swing produces is perfect for playing in windy conditions, and it's a great go-to shot when you can't afford to hit a wild drive. Practice it, and you'll stay in good position off the tee.

JEROME ANDREWS is the director of instruction at Spring Creek Golf Club outside Charlottesville, Va.