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Jason Guss: Ace Your Setup

By Jason Guss Photos by Dom Furore
November 13, 2014

One of the simplest fundamentals to perfect doesn't take any athletic ability at all. Getting into an ideal setup position just takes good information—and consistent attention.

You've probably heard that your feet should be shoulder-width apart for a shot with a middle iron. That's true but not specific enough.

To get it right, take your stance and dangle the club from in front of the crease of your armpit. Notice where the club points on the ground. That's where you should position the outside edge of the corresponding foot.

Now, to get the right amount of foot flare on each side, you can again use the club as a guide. Set the clubhead down so it extends straight out from the outside edge of your foot—extending toward the target off your left foot and away from the target off your right foot. Keeping your heel in place, rotate the toe of each shoe outward the length of the clubhead, or about three inches.

Now you have the perfect stance width and foot flare to hit a middle-iron shot. You can forget about your setup and concentrate on making a great swinging motion.

Jason Guss runs Jason Guss Golf Academy at Hawk Hollow in Bath, Mich.