CelebrityApril 10, 2014

Video: How Jim Nantz comes up with his best lines

By Sam Weinman

AUGUSTA, Ga. -- It wouldn't be the Masters without Jim Nantz, and you can't have the full Jim Nantz experience without some clever, syrupy plays on words.

From "The Bear has come out of hibernation!" (Nantz's first Masters describing Jack Nicklaus in 1986) to "As grand as it gets!" (Nantz on Tiger Woods completing the "Tiger Slam" in 2001), one has to wonder if the CBS veteran gives some of his best lines a dry run before putting them into play.

And this extends beyond golf. Nantz's other regular signature event is the NCAA Basketball Championship, where he at least knows only one of two teams can win. How does he whittle down his list of potential calls? The folks at BattingStanceGuy.com claim to have secured exclusive footage* of Nantz testing out material before the 2011 title game between Butler and Connecticut.

(Not really. This appears to be completely farcical, but it's still very funny).


  • By the way, we'd be remiss in not pointing out our own video tribute to Nantz from last year, when we asked regular golfers to give us their best impressions of the announcer in full Masters glory.

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