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Here's Fox's new U.S. Open theme music (and the guy behind it)

June 15, 2015

An often overlooked aspect of Fox's takeover of the U.S. Open coverage is the music. Gone, of course, is Yanni's triumphant theme "In Celebration of Man," which has stirred the very souls of golf fans for two decades. You know the one. . .

Unfortunately, the theme lacks a cool name like "In Celebration of Man," but perhaps that's coming later. It also sounds a bit like the opening theme music to the HBO comedy "Veep," but we guess that's a good thing.

"I wanted the music I composed for the 'U.S. Open on FOX' theme to capture the epic struggle, the challenge, the history, the heartbreak, and the elation of competitive golf," Tyler said. "Great sporting events like the U.S. Open are powerful stories that are unwritten until the last shot goes in and the trophy is hoisted. With this music I have endeavored to convey that essence and emotion."

You've got some pretty big shoes to fill, Brian, but we appreciate the effort.