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Video: Ex-ballplayer gives golf lesson during TV segment

April 25, 2013

The fact that professional baseball players enjoy playing golf certainly isn't breaking news. But when MLB Network analysts take the time during a taping of a show to display their affection for golf, we love it!

Kevin Millar, former big leaguer and current co-host alongside Chris Rose of the MLB Network show "Intentional Talk", recently took a brief lesson with Golf Channel's Michael Breed at Manhattan Woods Golf Club in Nyack, NY, and was eager to show off what he learned. (Of less importance is the sound Millar's shoulder makes when he takes the club back at 0:24. Ouch.)

Based on Millar's demonstration, he seems to have a pretty good understanding of the swing. He also must be a serious golfer to have "hit balls for two hours in 38 degree misting rain."

Making sure your hips beat your shoulders to the ball is a great tip for golfers of any skill level. Proper hip movement prevents a lot of swing problems and is the foundation of a good, repeatable swing. Thanks for the free lesson, Kevin. Cowboy Up!