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Video emerges of Bill O'Brien screaming "screw you motherf-----!" at fan. Let there be TAKES

The absolute last thing Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien wanted to discuss 48 hours before he coaches in the biggest game of his life was a heated exchange with a fan from earlier this season. Thanks to the fine folks over at TMZ, that's exactly the topic he had to address in his Friday press conference. The content folks like myself would like to thank TMZ for their service.

The video, which you'll see below, is hardly a run-of-the-mill heated exchange between coach and fan. This is a full-on, MF'er fest. Listen as a fan screams down to O'Brien "YOU SUCK," to which O'Brien responds "SCREW YOU MOTHERF-----! YOU SUCK TOO! HEY, YOU SUCK TOO MOTHERF-----. YOU SUCK TOO. F--- YOU. GO THE F--- HOME MOTHERF-----!" I swear I'm not making this up. If you're at work, throw those air pods on. Or, if you're a poor like me, the headphones with the wire that don't properly plug in to your new laptop anymore. Hey apple... F--- YOU MOTHERF-----!!

Yep, that's real, and it's glorious. Apparently, this occurred as the Texans were making their way into the locker room at halftime of a home game against the Denver Broncos on December 8. The score at half? 31-3, Denver. Houston made a bit of a comeback, powered by a pair of rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown from Deshaun Watson, whose garbage time heroics destroyed my fantasy season, but ultimately lost 38-24. Hey Deshaun... F--, actually, I love Deshaun, even if he robbed me of a spot in the semifinals and a shot at $700.

Surprise, surprise, there are TAKES, a wide variety of them. Not going to post them all below, just going to post my incredibly deep thoughts on the matter via this Twitter thread:

Just kidding. Not touching this one. Just going to enjoy my 10th rewatch of Billy OB losing his shit on this dude.