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Chicago golf course under fire for strip club outing

September 22, 2015

A Chicago public golf course allowed a local strip club to host an outing there last month and local residents are NOT happy about it, according to CBS News.

Why such a fuss? Because strippers were, well, doing what they do on the course. And the course, White Pines Golf Club, just happens to be located in the middle of a bunch of houses. Oh, and a children's playground.

"I take my four-year-old grandson to that park," resident Paul DiMichele said. "I would not want to have to explain to him what those people are doing. It was just the wrong place for it."

"There was one grandmother there who was mortified," says another resident, Christine Balog, who took photos of the outing on her cell phone. "There was a lot of nudity and things that don't belong on a public golf course."


Park commissioners are looking into the matter, but CBS reports the Pink Monkey (aren't strip club names great?) has already been banned from holding future events at the course. Apparently, this was the Fourth Annual Pink Monkey Golf Outing.

Watch the full video report from CBS. And try not to laugh when the reporter intently scrolls through -- and zooms in on -- Balog's cell phone photos.