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Video: 5 hacks that solve annoying golfer problems

October 30, 2013

For those readers who may be unaware, a "life hack" is an age-old concept that has been popularized by the Internet. Hacks are essentially just easy, DIY solutions to small, everyday nagging problems.

Usually hacks have to do with food, or dealing with college dorm rooms, but now...we have golf hacks.

Here's what put together. I must say: the Gatorade one is pretty ingenious, and a fantastic way to help golfers line up their putts if that's something they struggle with.

But this got us thinking: what could some other potential golf hacks be? Here's a few we came up with:

Wipe sand into your clubhead to remove dirt.

Put your hat in the dishwasher to clean it without bending it all funky.

Attach your glove to the side of a cart to air it out when it's sweaty and gross and stuff.

Blowtorch shaft labels to remove them without having to deal with those nasty sticky leftovers.

Putting a bucket over a broom-handle and inserting into your bag to protect your clubs while traveling.

Wrapping a putter grip in gauze tape to make it bigger and more tacky (Scott Verplank does this).

And why stop there when there? Especially when there are so many other little problems that we haven't figured out yet. Is there a hack for never running out of bug spray? What about when someone in your group shows up and has no handicap (oh yea, we've got that one figured out already)? Or what about when I want a cold beer but I'm nowhere near the halfway house?

It sounds like our work's just beginning. We'll start with the beer one.