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More evidence that Victor Dubuisson really does not enjoy press conferences

November 13, 2014

Victor Dubuisson has a fascinating backstory that remains somewhat of a mystery. All most people know is that Dubuisson dropped out of school at a young age -- around 10 or 12 -- and subsequently spent the sometime afterwards living by himself.

Dubuisson doesn't like to talk about his childhood: "I don't like to think about that, sorry", is his standard response. Whatever happened, it all led to Dubuisson staying firmly in his shell, especially during press conferences. It's not like he's mean in any of them -- not at all -- he just really doesn't like doing them. But sometimes he has to, like this week, when he's trying to defend his crown at the Turkish Airlines Open.

Don't believe us? Below is his press conference, in its entirety, before the first round of the tournament:

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I look forward to play this week.  I hope I will enjoy it, especially because I won last year and first victory on Tour, it's important.

Q.  So when you step through the gates here this week, did those memories come flooding back?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, coming back here, it's about memories from last year.

Q.  Have you used those memories across what has been an exciting year for you?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I played well this year, and it's been a good season, and I hope I can finish it well here.

Q.  Sometimes when you're feeling down perhaps or not having the best of rounds, do you think back to Turkey and think, I played that so well that year, that time and that really gives you the incentive, the impetus to play better?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, sometimes, sometimes I think about last year when I won.  Yeah, it's a good motivation.

Q.  Tell me how you are, because I know it didn't work out for you in Shanghai last week and you've arrived here without your clubs and without your gear at the moment?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I feel better.  Body is okay.  I hope I will get my luggage tonight and be ready for tomorrow.

Q.  And was that your back last week in Shanghai?


Q.  That's eased; you've had physio?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, yeah.  Had physio the last few days.

Q.  Feeling 100 per cent now?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  Yeah, I feel better.  I feel better.

Q.  What are your expectations this week?

VICTOR DUBUISSON:  I expect I will just try to do the best I can and I will see the results the end of the week.