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Vanderbilt's Legends Club to host 2012 NCAAs

Having received almost unanimous praise as the host site for the Mason Rudolph Championship, the Vanderbilt Legends Club in Franklin, Tenn., has been selected by the NCAA Women's Division I Championship as the site of the 2012 NCAA Women's Championship. The event is scheduled to be played May 22-25, 2012.

"What a tremendous honor for Vanderbilt University to host our national championship," said Vanderbilt  women's golf coach Greg Allen. "It's the perfect venue for this championship, and there is no doubt that Will Brewer, Joe Kennedy and their staffs and the Vanderbilt Legends Club membership will do an outstanding job. Since the LPGA is no longer in town, May 2012 should be on every golf fan's calendar."

This year's championship is being played at CC of Landfall in Wilmington, N.C., with the 2011 women's national title to be contested at Traditions GC in College Station, Texas.