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UST Mamiya Attas Punch shaft brings stability, mid-launch, penetrating ballflight

March 14, 2017
ATTAS Punch-6S copy.jpg

UST Mamiya’s Attas Punch is the latest in the company’s line of shafts geared to a firmer, more stable flex profile combined with more feel. It’s a challenging combination of characteristics, but the key is the use of a new alloy material developed at the molecular level.

According to UST Mamiya’s Danny Le, the Attas Punch is designed for players looking for “a mid launch with a penetrating ballflight.” While that description sounds like it’s geared exclusively to higher swing speeds, the Attas Punch does offer an SR flex in addition to S and X flexes at two different weights. It’s also comes standard at a 47-inch length so players can choose a longer length shaft if that better fits their swing and physical profile. Of course, the best way to understand the advantages of a new shaft is work with one of Golf Digest's top fitters.

Le says the key components to the Attas Punch are T1100G and material called “Nanoalloy,” a material developed through nanotechnology or the science of enhancing the strength of a structure at the molecular level through particles that can be ultra-small (one-billionth of a meter).

According to Toray Industries, UST Mamiya’s partner in developing the shaft material, "Nanoalloy" redefines the structure of the polymers in the shaft material by realigning them to make a more consistently stable structure with less material. There is this description of "Nanoalloy" from Toray's website:

"[The] technology can give the alloy characteristics that defy conventional wisdom of existing polymers: while the alloy displays the qualities of strong and rigid plastic in ordinary use, it changes its shape like rubber and absorbs the shock when external force is applied at the time of impact of rapid and strong shock."

Using this material throughout the shaft is designed to improve feel, as well as giving the shaft the capability to more consistently recover during the forces of the swing.

The Attas Punch is available through UST Mamiya’s network of TSPX fitters only.