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USGA partners with actor Don Cheadle to promote public golf and the U.S. Open

January 06, 2020

Michael Buckner

When Fox Sports aired a 15-second U.S. Open promo featuring actor Don Cheadle on Sunday ahead of the NFL wild-card playoff game, it was intended as a teaser for this year’s championship at Winged Foot in June. At the same time, it served as a first look at a larger campaign between the USGA and Cheadle announced on Monday.

An avid golfer who has played as low as to a 7-handicap, Cheadle has been tapped to help the USGA promote its various missions. Specifically, the association intends to use Cheadle to help raise awareness about the value of public golf, showcasing him and his distinct voice in PSAs throughout the year.

“Growing up, I used to play public courses with my father, and I have some great memories of those rounds,” Cheadle said in a press release. “I want to make sure that future generations of golfers are able to have access to the same opportunities that I was able to benefit from.”

Cheadle will help highlight the USGA’s research efforts and technological innovations to promoting golf’s role in being good environmental stewards.

He’ll also serve as a brand ambassador for the U.S. Open as the USGA launches a new brand campaign around the national championship at the USGA Annual Meeting in February.

“We are thrilled to work with someone as passionate about the health of the environment and the state of the game of golf as Don Cheadle,” says Mike Davis, CEO of the USGA. “His prominence and support for these important causes make him a perfect fit for a collaboration with the USGA and to serve as a voice for fans of the U.S. Open.”

Here’s a look at the initial Cheadle teaser.