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USGA list shows new Callaway drivers

October 03, 2011

Those playing the golf club CSI game have another piece of hard evidence that Callaway Golf will get into the adjustable driver market fairly soon: Among the handful of drivers added to the USGA's list of Conforming Drivers in the last week are two from Callaway Golf, the RAZR X Black and the RAZR X Fit. Of those two, the latter seems most intriguing for those wondering what Callaway plans to do with its driver line in 2012. The entry on the USGA's Conforming List describes the RAZR Fit as having a "weight screw" and a hosel with "orientation indicators." An attached photo of the RAZR Fit shows a sole with two weight screws (one in the heel and toe). The USGA listing of conforming drivers can be seen here.

Callaway representatives did not comment directly on the club, although it is believed that the club may be shown to some tour players at this week's Open.

--Mike Stachura