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USGA forgoes drivable par 4s at Senior Open

July 28, 2010

SAMMAMISH, Wash. - While two of Sahalee CC's par 5s have been shortened to par 4s for the U.S. Senior Open (No. 6 will play 408 yards; No. 18 at 470), none of the course's par 4s have been made into drivable adventures as has been commonplace at USGA Opens in recent years.

"I love the concept, but it just didn't fit here," said Jeff Hall, managing director of rules and competitions for the USGA. "We looked hard at the seventh hole, but we decided the best we could was make it about 320 yards or so. It just felt like we would have been forcing it, and a lot of guys really wouldn't have a chance to give it a go."

-- Bill Fields