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A simple way anybody can learn how to use the ground to create more power

March 03, 2021

Make sure you’re leveraging off the ground on the downswing to produce as much power as possible. To do that, here’s a drill from Golf Digest Best Young Teacher Matt Henderson that will just about knock your socks off.

Find a slippery floor at home, like tile or hardwood, and take the shoe off your trail foot in your setup (the right foot for righties). Make sure you’re a safe distance from any walls or furniture and take a few half-swings with a short club. As you swing down, push up off the floor with your lead leg. This should cause the shoeless foot to pull, or slide, slightly backwards. Get some reps with this push-pull action. Next time you go to the range, strive for the same feel—with both shoes on! You’ll see more power.

Watch the video below:

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