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U.S. Open 2021: First-round coverage switched from NBC to Peacock and Golf Twitter was ... happy?

When you log on to Golf Twitter, you're really only logging on for one of two reasons. The first is to complain, and the second is to read other people's complaints. The most-popular subjects of Golf Twitter's ire are usually course setup, course difficultly, perceived poor coverage from a particular network, or bad commentary. On major championship weeks, it's all of the above.

But on Thursday night, something very special on Golf Twitter happened. At 10 p.m. ET, first-round coverage of the U.S. Open was about to go overtime thanks to the 90-minute fog delay at Torrey Pines Thursday morning. With Olmypic swim trials coming on NBC, Dan Hicks told viewers to head over to Peacock, which carried bonus morning coverage. Normally, this would set Golf Twitter aflame. How dare you ask us to download a free streaming service that is literally at the tip of our fingers and might require five minutes of typing in your email in password? What are you going to ask us to do next? Mine for coal?

In a stunning turn of events, not only did Golf Twitter not complain about the switch to Peacock, it was positively GIDDY about the switch to Peacock. That's because for about 10 minutes, while NBC producers and broadcasters were seemingly getting their sh-t together during the switch, there was no commentating. Strictly golf shot after golf shot and ambient sound of the waves crashing into the beach. It was absolutely glorious:

Folks, what you are looking at here is a notorious group of complainers not complaining about something they could have very easily complained about. We call that "growth." Of course, as a few people said, it says a lot about the incessant chatter on these golf broadcasts that people celebrate when there is peace and quiet. Golf fans don't ask for much ... wait, LOL, just kidding. OK, we ask for a lot, but one thing that could quell a lot of whining is an uninterrupted stream of golf shot after golf shot with little to no commentary. People would pay top dollar for that, as this whole Peacock situation shows.