U.S. Open 2024: Mark Hubbard nearly holes out on Pinehurst’s opening hole, ball ends up off the green

At a certain point, what are you supposed to do? You nearly hole out from 138 yards and the next thing you know your ball is off the green. We wouldn’t blame Mark Hubbard for walking off the course after this brutal start to his Friday, especially on the first hole of the day. Pinehurst No. 2 has been especially barbaric this U.S. Open, but this hellish roll for Hubbard is as cruel as it gets.

“That really is a lot of the challenge, the mental part of it,” the broadcasters say right before disaster strikes. “Being able to handle a bad break.

“I mean, that almost went in the hole. That’s gotta be careful. That’s gone. Look at that. They put some water on the greens before these guys started this morning. I think that’s having a big effect. That is unbelievable. That ball almost went in the hole!”

Those Pinehurst No. 2 false fronts are going to lead to some furious golfers, or at least perplexed pros wondering what they could’ve done differently. Just look at Hubbard’s reaction after seeing this ball head back to him.

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Maybe Hubbard has to control his spin a bit more, but going from a near hole out to an eventual bogey to start the day is almost too wicked to be believed.

The pros will be going through it all weekend. We definitely sympathize, but also … we can’t wait to see how crazy things get. Let chaos reign this U.S. Open. Pinehurst No. 2 is definitely ready for it.