U.S. Open 2019: Patrick Cantlay shows how penal Pebble Beach's rough is going to play next week

June 06, 2019

Coming off a win at the Memorial and top 10s at the season's first two major championships, Patrick Cantlay could make a strong case for being the hottest player in the world right now. But the 27-year-old found out during a U.S. Open practice round that you don't have to be off by much at Pebble Beach to get cooled down quickly.

On Thursday, Cantlay shared a video showing how penal Pebble Beach's rough could play next week. As Cantlay shows, it's tough to simply chop your golf ball out of the gnarly grass just off the ninth green. That is, if you can even find your golf ball.

It wasn't quite Kevin Na's rough rant from two years ago, but Cantlay got his point across. There hasn't been a lot of mowing around these Monterey greens of late. Not to mention, the wind whipping in the background the entire time. It's no wonder no one broke par the last time Pebble Beach hosted the U.S. Open.

But, to be fair, Patrick, if the rough was shorter, more balls would roll down the bank and onto the beach. . . So maybe the USGA is doing the players a favor? Maybe?

Considering all the griping by players over golf's governing body of late, though, we're guessing they won't think of it that way. In any event, we're exactly one week away from the U.S. Open. Let the fun begin!