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UPS guy delivers package, starts shooting hoops in driveway, builds a house with bricks

February 21, 2019

"Ball is life" is a commonly used phrase across the internet, and one that needs no explanation. If you know, you know. And if you don't know, perhaps this viral UPS delivery guy can make you understand.

You see, this guy, who drives around all day delivering package after package, falling into a routine that he probably rarely breaks, broke said routine for the love of ball. After delivering a package to a house with an empty basketball court and a ball outside, this guy did what any baller would do if no one was looking. He got up some shots:

The best part of this video is that there is absolutely no hesitation from the delivery man. He threw the package down and went straight for the rock. There was no looking around, no making sure anyone was or wasn't home, no care in the world that someone might call the homeowners and say "um, there's a UPS guy in your driveway using your basketball hoop." He had one thing and one thing only on his mind, and that was throwing up a few jumpers before he got back on the road.

The only issue? My man is a BRICK fest. That was a Kobe-esque 0-for-3 start from the field for those counting at home, and none were particularly close to going in. How can you just leave after tossing up three straight bricks? You have to end on a make. That's day 1 stuff. But with the way he was shooting, he may have been there all day.