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UPDATE: John Daly out of hospital, recovering from collapsed lung

August 30, 2015

Following a collapse on a Mississippi golf course on Saturday, John Daly is out of the hospital.

In Jackson for a small event at Deerfield Country Club, Daly fell to the ground on the 18th tee. Because of the weather -- temperatures in the area were hovering at 90 degrees -- it was initially assumed the 49-year-old had succumbed to heat.

However, according to his agent, Bud Martin, Daly suffered a collapsed lung.

“Daly has fought a lingering rib injury since 2007 which recently has been causing severe pain and has affected his breathing,” Martin said.

Playing partner Will Dottley told the Golf Channel that Daly also seemed to be dealing with a hand issue.

“I had my arm around him when he went down. He had no pulse and wasn’t breathing for close to three minutes."

Luckily for Daly, there was a nurse in the gallery who gave CPR.

“It was kind of a miracle,” said Dottley.