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UPDATE: John Daly is IN for a "birdie, beer and beef triathlon" with Andrew "Beef" Johnston

December 15, 2016

Yesterday, we brought you important news (Hey, there's not a lot going on in mid-December) of a possible "birdie, beer and beef triathlon." The details still needed to be ironed out, but the potential participants were Andrew "Beef" Johnston, Boo Weekley, and Steven Bowditch, who started this whole thing by issuing a challenge on Twitter.

Beef piqued our interest when he suggested he'd take John Daly as a partner. Well, wouldn't you know it, but John Daly is IN!

The Drinking Golfers Association board of directors "out of Arkansas will draw up rules"? Sounds legit. And it sounds like these shenanigans might actually take place. Fingers crossed.