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Up next: Ryo's sister

March 17, 2010

Japan's teenaged star Ryo Ishikawa has a younger sister, Yoko, 13, who will attempt to trace his steps (on the women's side, of course), starting with her debut this week on the Japan LPGA Tour in the T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament.

"I didn't know whether to accept (the invitation)," she told Japanese media. "I was so nervous about whether it was okay for me to play. My target will just be to avoid making a lot of bogeys. I will concentrate on my driving. I don't want to shoot an 80. I've begun to really feel I want to turn pro."

Ryo won a Japan Golf Tour event at 15, giving Yoko two years to match her brother and keep pace with him.

"Dad used to tell me just to let rip with the driver when I was young and tell me it was too early to worry about my score," Ryo told Nikkan Sports. "He'll be saying the same thing to Yoko. According to our mum, dad is pretty soft on her."

-- John Strege