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Unofficial Guide: Oktoberfest in May in Columbus, Ohio

May 28, 2014

Columbus loves its college and professional sports--Ohio State University, the NHL's Blue Jackets and this week's Memorial (hosted by native Jack Nicklaus) are all automatic conversation starters in Ohio's capital 12 months a year.

It loves comfort food almost as much, and if you go, you should, too. Just south of downtown (and 20 miles from the golf in Muirfield Village) is the historic neighborhood of German Village, where you can enjoy the best of Munich in the American Midwest. Schmidt's Sausage Haus has been in business since 1886, and the sausages on the $12 Old World combo platter are made with Fred Schmidt's original recipe from the Grover Cleveland administration. The headliner is the hickory smoked pork and beef Bahama Mama, but you won't lose if you order the bratwurst or knockwurst.

If your golf travels keep you north of the city, near Muirfield, you can get a little taste of Oktober--and childhood--at the G&R Tavern in Waldo. The place isn't much, just standard-issue storefront, but the bologna sandwiches are unlike anything you've ever tasted.

The inch-thick patties are fried on the grill, topped with melted cheese, raw onions and pickles and served on a hamburger bun. It'll cost you more in gas money to get up there than the sandwich itself--and you'll never go back to Oscar Mayer again.      [#twitter:]