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Underrated moments in golf history: Sergio Garcia climbs a tree to hit a one-handed shot

March 21, 2014

Most golf fans remember Tiger Woods won for the eighth time at Bay Hill in 2013. Yada yada, been there, done that. But what happened for a first time at the same tournament? Sergio Garcia climbed a tree to hit a one-handed backward shot.

At least, we think it's the first time Garcia has attempted such a shot when he scaled a tree on the 10th hole during Sunday's final round to get to his ball. After toying with the idea of hitting a shot between his legs -- never a good idea -- Garcia got settled and pulled it off perfectly:

What a moment! After hacking his ball back to the fairway, Garcia went on to make an incredible par bogey double bogey on the hole and salvage a top 10 top 25 withdrawal two holes later.

OK, so the story could have had a happier ending (Garcia didn't even flash a smile after his athletic dismount) and it's not even Garcia's most memorable shot involving a tree. That, of course, came at the 1999 PGA Championship at Medinah. But it's still pretty memorable. We just wonder why he put so much effort into it only to walk off the course shortly after.

Sadly, Garcia isn't in the field at Bay Hill this week to celebrate the one-year anniversary of a shot that went viral. To any player who is, good luck trying to top it.