If you’ve ever had the chance to watch tour pros on the practice tee, you know how fascinating it can be. The routines, the different ball flights, the sound of impact—most golf fans could camp out for hours. No two players follow the same script, but you can learn a lot from any of them.

One of the most entertaining practicers is Hideki Matsuyama of Japan. Matsuyama, who has been as high as No. 2 in the world, has an unusual warm-up routine during which he hits basically every club in his bag. Matsuyama gave Golf Digest full access to create our latest Undercover Lesson, and the result is a 20-minute narrated video on how he prepares for a round. You’ll see the focus and discipline he puts into a simple warm-up as well as the emotion and eccentricities that have made Matsuyama an intriguing player to follow.

The pros never go to the first tee unprepared, and here’s your chance to see what one world-class player does to get ready. Rethink the way you begin your day at the course, and you’ll get off to faster starts and sustain your game throughout the round.