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Under consideration: Mandatory appearances

April 27, 2009

Stewart Cink, a player director on the PGA Tour Policy Board, said Monday that a proposal has been circulating among players and staff that would require every tour member to play every tournament at least once every four years. It's not a new idea, but probably not a practical one, either, now that international money is so readily available.

"There's a pretty popular proposal right now that's circulating around the players and staff to play one in four, sort of called the one in four thing, where everyone would be required to play every tournament on tour at least once out of four years," Cink said at the media day for teh Travelers Championship that he won last year.

"It's gotten some traction. I don't know if it's ever going to become a rule or not. It might.

There's positives and negatives to it. Obviously the positives are Tiger Woods is going to come to every tournament eventually. That's a great thing for all tournaments. The negatives are, when you start imposing rules like that on independent contractors, they can also choose to not play at all. There would be nothing stopping Tiger Woods from playing the European Tour for a few years or the rest of his career. He's got that kind of power. Unfortunately he could do that. That would be a serious mistake if we did that. Got to look at things from both sides."

-- John Strege