Under Armour's new HOVR Drive golf shoe is all about comfort

March 11, 2019
under armour hovr shoe.jpg

The challenge when trying to make a golf shoe that feels soft is making sure that it's not too soft, and it still responds to the natural movement of your feet in the golf swing in an effective way. Under Armour, while designing the HOVR Drive, which is now available, looked to accomplish this by making their own cushioning material called HOVR to perform how golfers expect a golf shoe to. The HOVR material runs the length of the shoe to help do just that.

“With most other cushioning platforms, you have to choose softness or responsiveness," says Mike Forsey, Director of Under Armour's Global Golf Footwear. "Not so with the HOVR Drive. UA HOVR cushioning technology ensures total underfoot comfort and superior energy return.”

The new technology allows the shoe to be soft and flexible, while still being supportive. Also adding to comfort is a new toe box design that is wider at the forefoot. The upper is made of microfiber, which helps lower the overall weight of the shoe.

BS3022273-100_ BEAU.jpg

For traction, there are two different types of spikes on the outsole that address movements of a variety of directions. The RST 2.0 spike is designed to keep your foot in contact with the ground during rotational movements throughout the swing. For horizontal movement, Under Armour chose to use Softspike Silver Tornado spikes. Together with traction elements, these spikes will keep you locked in -- no matter how hard you swing.